Sunday, November 3, 2013

Football, Fireplace, Fall

Wowzers! Yesterday we had a big storm here in Sammamish. BIG STORM. We did NOT know what was happening.  The wind roared through here, but we were beyond brave. Beyond. Those big trees swaying didn't scare us at all. In fact, we were fascinated.
Here is Zuzu looking at the trees.
Of course, India was looking, too. But she gets bored pretty quickly and then goes to her usual spot in front of the fire place.
She always has her toes curled like that!
So we were pretty tired anyway from all the excitement- we'd never seen candles and flashlights. Last night the power came on again, so things rapidly went back to normal.
Today is football- which means everyone is near the television.  But we take some time to relax and play like regular cats. We love that packing paper that mom keeps on the floor for us, She even vacuums around it and cleans it up a bit. Here is a little 3 minute video you can enjoy (because we know you enjoy us!) to show how we use it.

Well, it looks like it will be dark at 4:30 today. So we'll be in front of the fire!

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