Saturday, August 9, 2014

A really beautiful summer in Sammamish!

Wow- at first we were so excited about the sun but now we are just bored by it. We had to fix our beds on the table so that we could bask in the sun but then move out of it when we got too hot.  Mom brought out the old iMac cat bed for us to cool off in. This meant lots of pictures since Mom got off of facebook for the 99 days without facebook challenge, and she has spent much time scratching us instead.  So here are some pictures, including one by our human sister who is an artist and thought it was funny to photoshop India onto a classical work of art. See if you can spot it!

Then there is this hummingbird that knows it is safe from us:

We've enjoyed playing the Destiny video game beta:

And that sun puts us in a coma: