Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We play!

We are indoor kitties. Why? Well, we won't walk on a leash, that's why. That adorable little Wylla Stout Cinotto Miller over at theittybittykittycommittee.com  walks on a leash. Sits on shoulders. Looks at the world. But not us. In our neighborhood, there are bobcats (we've SEEN them!), bears, coyotes (the worst for us), and very predatory eagles. None of those animals seem very afraid of humans so we are pretty sure that we wouldn't last long out there.

So how do we cope with all those instincts to hunt that we have?
Well, first, we have one another. We get along great. There is NEVER any hissing.
There is only one documented case of a growl- that's all YOU, Zoubisou. India didn't want your turkey meat, she just wanted to smell it.

We chase one another all over the house. We learned to play tag from our human mom, because she thinks it is fun  to hide, then chase us, then run from us- we got the picture on how to play that game really fast. It is so much fun. She doesn't cooperate all the time, so we tag one another instead.

We have our cat trees- one is kind of crummy and one is very fancy. But we don't really think about that much. We like them both.

We like DaBird, and the toy like it that has a bug on the end. We like the feather wands that sound like birds. 
But what makes our day is the scrunched up packing paper that comes in amazon and petco boxes. Mom saves every piece of it, twists it into a snake, then piles it up. We have so much FUN in there- we hide our toys, jump one another, sleep, sit in the middle, and Zoubi even spends hours trying to untangle it and flatten it with her paws. She's pretty good at that!

Sometimes our sweet cat sitter, Sophia, comes to play. We love her. It makes it easy for us to stay home alone.

Well, that's a little insight into how we will spend this winter without all the animal life that we see the rest of the year.