Monday, August 19, 2013

Zoubisou (formerly Zelda Lamm)

Hi! I'm Zoubisou.

Yep, that's me as a baby kitten. I'm not like India Rose. She's a great big sister and all. In fact, she is the best big sister. But you see, I have a LOT of Siamese in me. I don't have the loud meow- my meow is very tiny. But I do have a very BIG personality. I'm friendly. I love to meet new people and see new things. I love to prance around and watch what everyone is doing. I'm not afraid of company either. You might wonder why that is. Unlike India, I had a fantastic start- sort of. Yeah, I was an orphan, too. But it ends there. I was brought to the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County in Washington. They called Laurie, the foster mom for The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Laurie is a wonderful foster mom to many kittens. She names all of her foster kittens with fun names and my litter was named the Lamms. Yep- kittens called Lamms. Funny.  Anyhoo, I was there with my siblings named Baxter, Edna and Edison. We were VERY popular on Laurie's website. VERY popular. So I am very documented. Not many foster kitties get that sort of attention, and I am very proud of it. You can go to the website and look me up- Zelda Lamm was my name. I must say, I was stunningly adorable.

My story is sort of short because my Mom and Dad picked me out of the Lamm lineup and asked Laurie if they could have me. At first, someone else had wanted me. But something happened and I didn't have to go with them.  So Mom and Dad visited Laurie in something called a "meet and greet". I had no idea this was some important meeting- I'd only been on the planet for about 6 weeks, so what did I know? I could barely stay awake. My Mom couldn't hold back the tears (she must cry around kittens a bunch or something is wrong with her) when she saw me sleeping on top of my brother, Baxter. See, she has a special love for anything Meezer, too, since her best friend cat was a meezer for 21 years, and she even had a second one for 18 years.  I have white paws because there is a Birman in my lineage. That is the part of me that is very sweet. The Meezer part makes me VERY smart and determined.  My Mom could see I was a sharp cookie. My Dad was worried because I didn't purr when he held me. My Mom pointed out that I weighed about 1 pound and he weighed about 225 pounds- so I was probably a little worried that he might eat me. Don't worry, I purred A LOT (and still do) once I got home.  After I got some little surgery to my girl parts (I don't know why), I got a yellow tag to wear and I went to my new home.

Me with my yellow tag
I was so looking forward to my new home. I couldn't WAIT! I didn't make a peep I was so excited.

When we got to Sammamish (haha-another funny name!), I was put in a special room so I could get used to my sister. No one told ME about a sister, but she was young, too. Her name is India and she has about 4 months on me. So she was still kind of young, herself. But she looked REALLY big to me.

I learned a lot from India- still do. I imitate everything she does. I want to hug her a lot, but she isn't much of a hugger. She lets me lick her once in a while. She has great manners.

We play like maniacs. I love to chase her around. I don't know if she is like a cat Mom to me, but she is really a great sister.
I try to be nice, but sometimes, I really would like to take over where she is.

You can probably see that she is tolerating me. She is like that. If I want something, she pretty much lets me have it. But now I have learned that it is okay if India gets to play. I won't try to take her toy away any more. See? I am learning to be a sweet sister kitty. But boy, it is hard.

I am one of those kitties that likes to fetch. I fetch a LOT. If I have missed my Mom, I really do miss her, I will search the house for a suitable toy I think she might like, and I will drop it on her laptop. She still hasn't figured out if I am GIVING it to her as a gift, or if I want her to throw it so I can fetch it again. Sometimes, I'm not sure myself. My favorite toy is the milk carton pop cap. I loooooove that! I hide them under my cat tree- I have a teensy selfish streak, I am sad to say. This is a picture of my stash that my Dad found when he went looking for all the pop caps I took. I've switched to stuffing them under the closet doors. You might notice I hid a few other things in there- I don't know what got over me!

I get a lot of questions about my name. It is from a French song from the 1960s that Mom and Dad heard on Mad Men. My Dad thought it was a great name. Sometimes I am called Zoubi and sometimes I am called ZuZu. Mostly it is Zuuuuuuuuu. I don't care much. I don't come to anything. Unless it is India. If India meows, I'm all over it.

What do I like (love)? I like everything! Oh wait, I do NOT like the vacuum. India seems fine with it though. Don't know what that's about. I would like to give a shout out to turkey meat and toys on sticks and sparkle balls. I LOVE sleeping with my Dad- he is like a big sofa. Every night I climb on his stomach and get in my "flying cat" position so I can get as close to him as possible. Then I go to sleep for hours. He's the best!

What do I hate? See the above thing about the vacuum cleaner. I'm not a fan of nail clippers, but I'll do it.

If you asked my Mom what I am like, she would say "Zoubi is adorable- a big bundle of friendly energy in a fur coat". Thanks, Mom! I feel lucky, too.

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